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On any given day in 1921, João Boito, an Italian immigrant, established in the mountain town of Alfredo Chaves, today Veranópolis, Rio Grande do Sul, decided to produce a shotgun by hand for his leisure. At this moment, the trigger that fired the shot in the future was being pulled: Boito was born.

In 1955, Elias Ruas Amantino, joined the Boito family and started, on June 22, the production of shotguns in series. But if it was by chance that ERAmantino & Cia. Ltda. was born, its vertiginous growth was not occasional.

It is the result of the will and talent of a group that aimed at modern industrial objectives, producing here a hunting rifle with international fame. In 1962, the first parallel-barreled shotgun left the factory. Ten years later, it was the turn of the first overhead rifle. Until today, the only one manufactured in South America.

From the production of overlapping barrel rifles, the need of the company ERAmantino for quantities of micro-cast parts increased and on April 1, 1977, Microvera – Microfusão de Aços Ltda., Was founded. today called ERAmantino & Cia. Ltda. Branch 01.

Today it serves various segments of the parts market for sporting weapons, agricultural and road equipment, textile and footwear machines, valves and connections, among others, also merging steel alloys.

The Industrial Park of ERAmantino companies has sophisticated equipment for the production of parts and components.

Its team, composed of more than three hundred professionals, including engineers and technicians, forms a complex with high technology and technology developed by the company itself, through which the most rigorous production and quality control system passes. This team, which designs, designs and develops all the delicate and precise mechanism of a Boito shotgun. But all this know-how and all these sophisticated equipment, did not take Boito away from its roots. Therefore, whenever the company’s history is told, it is essential to remember the words of Elias Ruas Amantino:

“We do not manufacture weapons to kill men, but to be in contact with nature, respect its cycles and its preservation.”