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CAA USA is a designer and manufacturer of the most popular handgun conversion kit in the world. The MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) which has taken the world by storm with models for 125+ handguns and counting. Including models for Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, CZ, Taurus, and models for HK, Ruger, Canik coming soon! We pride ourselves on outfitting firearms for maximum performance in any environment. Our innovative products improve your accuracy, grip, aim, and enhance balance and performance increasing the user’s fluidity, consistency, and lethality.

In 2022 we’re striving to broaden our market share and take over the PCC realm with our new AGADA PCC and changing the way everyone looks at firearms for the first time in over 500 years. We are drastically redesigning every single part of the rifle that comes in contact with the shooters body including the stock, cheekpiece, pistol grip, trigger and forward grip. All components have been radically altered from the traditional standards to facilitate a more natural “boxing like” ergonomic feel that will increase accuracy and consistency in any level of shooter.

We are also stepping into the optics realm with CAA USAs first foray into the optics market with our brand new ZUES optic. With a plethora of modern optics features including sleep mode, motion triggered activation, and a programmable zeroing system via USB-C port, The ZUES answers the age-old question of how do you zero with minimal ammo usage. The ZUES utilizes internal motors that will adjust the reticle without the need to manually move the adjustment dials. With the ZUES mobile app you will be able to ZERO UNDER EIGHT SECONDS.

We at CAA USA are extremely proud that we are entirely manufactured and assembled in the USA by Americans, and we are the exclusive licensee of the SB Tactical Patent for the brace on handgun conversion kits. This is why we are the only handgun conversion kit carried by every major distributor in the United States.