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Delta Optical brand was established in 2002 by a group of people with passion for optics. We have been interested in optical equipment and tested it for years to give voice to our passion and establish our own business, as there is no better way of life than make your work a hobby or make the hobby your work.

After fifteen years of hard and exciting work we pride ourselves on having a large group of satisfied customers across Europe and around the world.Without any fear we keep on testing our binoculars and riflescopes at the renowned German DEVA institute. Such tests only confirm the high quality of Delta Optical products.

We continuously test the waters to keep up with the expectations of customers whose opinions are valuable to us and are always taken into consideration while developing new products. We are committed to bring satisfaction to even the most demanding clientele while maintaining the best value for money ratio.

With our products we support the work of professionals – our equipment is used by: the Police, Forest Rangers, other uniform services and, most of all, Polish Mountain Rescue Team (TOPR), for whom we are privileged to be a supplier of optical equipment.

Perhaps our passion for observing nature, from which naturally derives the success of Delta Optical brand, is strongly linked to the place where we were born. Poland is a country with one of the largest concentrations of bison in the world (it is estimated that of the 3,500 living bison in the world 1300 derive from the Bialowiezan line).

And even for the sake of the bison we will keep on working on the best optical equipment out there! We invite you to familiarize yourself with our vast range of products, and then use them for watching e.g. the beautiful bison in the Bialowieza Forest.

May the forest be generous with you!

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