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El Paso Leather is an old family business birthed in the late 60’s out of a passion for handcrafted leather products. A family that was not only driven to provide superior quality products, but to also deliver an experience. The experience of owning a product that was made with the heart and the soul of its craftsman.

El Paso started in the garage of a young man who desperately wanted to repair his destroyed Western saddle. After countless nights of working on the broken stirrups and bridles, Otto Hurlimann could not deny the gratification his hands felt from the fruits of his labour. The restored saddle fueled something inside of him…El Paso leather was born. Leaving his then current job in the family Swiss butchery, Otto moved from butcher to leatherman. Soon El Paso branched out from saddles to holsters and bags…and so a dream and passion birthed a thriving business.

Years later, after building his dream, failing countless times, learning, growing, teaching and inspiring. Otto passed his beloved life’s work onto his nephew Mark Hurlimann, who with a new energy took El Paso to greater heights. Empowering and employing the local community, El Paso grew.

The family dream lives on…and I hope and pray it continues to grow and bless all those who meet our El Paso Family and all the leather lovers who are the proud owners of our products.

From Otto Hurlimann to our Dad, Mark Hurlimann and then now onto the third generation…