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Firebird launched in 2010 in the United Kingdom as an exciting and revolutionary instant hit detonating target.

Best Shooting Accessory awarded to Firebird in 2013.

Firebird remains the only legal target of its kind in the world and was granted the European quality control CE Mark in 2015 representing the highest standards of manufacturing excellence required for sales throughout Europe.

Firebird brought these standards to the US and is now exclusively manufactured in Texas.

More than just a fun, instant-hit recognition tool, Firebird targets play an important role in accuracy training for Law Enforcement, SWAT, Sniper, Police and Special Forces throughout the world.


WARNING: Firebird targets are pyrotechnic devices.
It is essential that all users review the Safety Instructions before use.
Injury to persons or damage to property may be caused if the safety instructions are not adhered to.


Firebird is a ready-to-use Pyrotechnic target and is legal to transport.

Firebird is not a Binary Target.

Firebird does not contain Ammonium Nitrate.

Firebird is the smart alternative to binary targets.

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