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HAUSKEN builds silencers from Norway in unbeatable quality. We have world-class technical solutions for whenever you want to enjoy the sounds of the moor, forest or mountains in peace. The silencer reduces the blast that briefly pierces the tranquillity of nature.


Established to serve the individual needs of hunters, engineered with astonishing expertise and accompanied by 30 years of success …

  • THE SILENCERS: absorb a significant portion of the muzzle blast and direct the gas pressure into several chambers. Optimised energy distribution and use demand a highly sophisticated and intricate design. This reduces the sound pressure level, muzzle flash and recoil.
  • THE MATERIAL: A silencer’s casing and inner workings must be built to withstand high pressure and temperatures. Special metals or alloys are therefore used as the base material in production. Steel, aluminium and titanium are popular on the market due to their excellent durability.
  • THE ENGINEERING: of silencers builds on a cylinder with inner workings. The silencer is screwed onto the barrel thread and can either directly extend it (on-barrel silencer) or partially enclose it (over-barrel silencer). There is a bore to allow the bullet to pass at the opposite ‘exit end’. The silencer’s body is designed to lower the gas pressure – as a larger volume within the cylinder will enable more gas to expand.
  • COMPACT AND AGILE: The length of the silencer is generally twenty to thirty times that of the shell calibre. In turn, the diameter is four to five times the cartridge’s thickness. The diameter at the exit bore should be 1.25 times the bullet calibre.
  • THE SERVICE LIFE: of silencers depends on a variety of factors. The service life depends on the cleaning interval and the specific interaction between the material, discharge frequency and the cartridges used. Broadly speaking, though, silencers have a very long service life.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Silencers may only be mounted on firearms if the exit bores are large enough for the calibre. Silencers are usually compatible with calibre groups.
  • OVER-BARREL: Silencers are engineered to enclose the front section of the barrel. The benefit here is that very large silencers can be mounted without extending the barrel of the firearm by the silencer’s entire length (on-barrel silencer). Weight distribution is significantly improved as well.
  • ON-BARREL: Silencers are attached to the muzzle thread and extend the length of the barrel. This means a noticeable increase in length, especially when using very short firearm systems. While over-barrel silencers usually prevent open sights, on-barrel models do not get in the way. Red-dot sights are also possible, without raising the mount additionally.

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