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Outwit The Game You Hunt!

Hunter’s Edge has been manufacturing hunting scents and accessories since 1987. We’re committed to introducing new and innovative products year after year, to help you… Outwit The Game You Hunt

Quality Products

Hunter’s Edge is committed to producing award-winning innovative products for big and small game hunters to enjoy. That commitment, was born from countless hours of in-the-field testing, personal experience, as well as adhering to customer feedback on their hunting adventures. We stand 100% behind the products we manufacture, and promise to continue to develop cutting edge one-of-a-kind products year after year, to help you become successful with each trip afield.

Hunting Tips

When planning your stand location, make sure you know the primary wind direction. Cover Scents and Odor Elimination products are necessary to destroy and cover unwanted odors. However, its still important to place your stand down-wind, to avoid unwanted scent dispersal into your hunting area.