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Maglula Ltd. is a privately held Israeli company dedicated to developing high-quality magazine loading and unloading tools for military and law-enforcement use.

Established in 2001, we offer over thirty magazine loaders under several product families and patents, all made in Israel:

  • LULA┬« –┬áA 1-round rifle magazine loader & unloader 9mm/5.56/.308
  • StripLULA┬« –┬áA 10-round universal stripper clip and lose rounds loader & unloader 5.56/.223
  • BenchLoader┬« – A 30-round heavy-duty single-stroke magazine loader 5.56/.223
  • UpLULA┬« –┬áA universal pistol magazine loader & unloader 9mm-.45ACP
  • X-LULA┬« –┬áA loader for mags with a side button .22LR
  • V-LULA┬« –┬áA locking loader for mags with a side button .22LR

All our products were invented, developed, brought to production, and QC Invented by Ran Tal and Guy Tal (father & son) in Israel, Ran always made working prototypes by hand using a combination of metals, plastics, and wood. Then Guy designed precise 3D CAD models from those the prototype. Steel molds are made for polymer-injected products from the CAD files (some BenchLoaders are CNC machined).

First-injected parts are thoroughly inspected and tested prior to the continuation of manufacturing. All UpLULA®, BabyUpLULA®, Ruger 10/22, PMR30 LULA® loaders and BenchLoader® are manually QC inspected each. Random samples are inspected and tested out of the manufactured LULA® and StripLULA® family lines before packing and shipping.