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Taakmag – Mission Ready

Taakmag means task force, a unit established to focus on a single expedition. Any person can identify with the brand, no matter what their own personal task or mission might be.

Inspired by sport shooting, hunting and outdoor adventures, Taakmag is driven to create mission ready and functional tactical gear for the toughest people with the most demanding operations.

We ambitiously invest in original designs and superior materials to deliver trustworthy products.

Our commitment to continuous development welcomes feedback and suggestions from our clients.

Taakmag tactical gear is reliable and durable, ready to equip you for any venturesome quest.

Mission Ready

The Taakmag slogan is Mission Ready – purposed to deliver functional and reliable tactical gear that will equip you for your mission. Taakmag gear is well-designed and strong enough to be used by the military, special forces or die-hard civilians.

Bull Head

The bull head is the emblem of strength and stamp of approval for those who know that they are unshakeable. It is the symbol of a warrior who drives forward and never gives up.