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Finesse Frog Mini

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Finesse Frog Mini
Size: 2.8 inch class (5pcs)

The long-awaited mini size of the Finesse Frog!




A smaller silhouette than the original

A bite-size flogger that reduces pressure to the limit

Delicate combat type frogs

Finesse Frog Mini has a real-time frogging action that changes the common sense of frogging.

The compact body is just the size of the 1/0 wide gape offset hook, and the firm tip is hidden in the back.

The body has air space divided into two parts, ensuring absolute buoyancy.

It is divided in the left and right so that the air space is not damaged even if the hook is inserted, and the water is difficult to enter

(The number of water drain is drastically reduced). The left and right front legs hold the water firmly, while keeping the body moving distance at the same time. It will be the driving force to invite the bass. The back thigh is designed flat, and it works like the front foot here、

A more froggy back foot action has been accomplished. A versatile frog that can be driven into the cover and dropped from the shore, and can also be used to aim at the visible bass at  sight. Ideal for finesse bait tackle and power PE spinning tackle.


How to

In the image of the frog swimming, let the frog swim with a swish and a twitch two or three times, a short Repetition, end with the pose, that is the basic action.

Around bush, trees, grass and bedrock, etc. It will be active in a variety of places where frogs is likely to stay.

Because the probability that the byte comes out at the time of the pose is high, it is important to take a pose firmly


You can catch the water on a wide surface, you can take less distance. Grab the water firmly with the thigh, and move the distance Hold down the front legs.
Air space divided from left to right. 1 space for 1 Hole, water is difficult to enter
Hooks can be mounted between air spaces.
Wide gap offset 1/0 is recommended.


Additional information


#S-358 Hiviz' Tree Frog, #S-361 Hiviz' Wrinkled Frog


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