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GillROID Jr.

GillROID Jr. 3D Realism

Length: Boots Tail 13.5cm Weight:1.8oz class

Flat Tail 12.0cm

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GillROID Jr. 3D Realism

Length: Boots Tail 13.5cm Weight:1.8oz class

Flat Tail 12.0cm

Downsized GillRoid

New mechanism installed IS-type Bluegill shape Super Real Bait

Bluegill type swimbaits become popular and now there is a lot of the same type on the market.

Original GillRoid is one of top Bluegill type swimbaits and we finally completed GillRoid Jr as its downsized model.

GillRoid Jr is downsized from 6.3inch/2.6oz to 5.3inch/1.8oz having fish-attracting ability by high speed and slow speed retrieving which is a special feature of

flat-side bait. And also GillRoid Jr. has the same Boots Tail as original GillRoid which moves naturally and has kicking power.

Basically it is hard to make an accurate cast of Bluegill type swimbaits because of flat body. But GillRoid Jr overcomes weaknesses with rocket shape wider body.

It enables extremely long and accurate cast. With Boots tail, you make Bass pursue GillRoid Jr by retrieving, and then make Bass bites it by short-sliding just after stop.

With Flat tail, you make reaction bite by jerking at pin-point or sight-fishing.

You can try both technics depending on a situation.

How to

Boots tail which newly adopted to this Gill Type bait works well for slow-straight retrieve  for searching wide range and perfectly for IS changeable high speed retrieve too.

As to IS changeable speed retrieve, the bait swim in I-style action at super slow speed and change to sharp S-style motion at full acceleration.

And during these I and S-style action, if you stop retrieving, the bait makes quick dart action which attract big bass.

Enclosed flat tail enable very sharp turn action which works well for timbers and structures.

Boots tail is good for retrieving wide range.

Flat tail is good for pin pint fishing.

Two kinds of tail which is completely different characteristic are included in GillRoid.


By putting sinker at the hunger, you can adjust swimming depth, speed, weight, etc as you want.
And you can fish in any situation.











Damper is equipped at the bottom of jointed part. The damper is detachable by join-pin.
And you can change to other pin in hardness.
So, you can make any actions in I-swimming or S-swimming.












Tail is detachable. We recommend to remove when you put it into tackle box. Insert direction is shown by arrow. *As to boots tail, please fix it by pins or sticks.







Boots Tail mounting method

1. Get a tail wet and insert half
2. Pull up the tail while pushing the bottom up









3. Move the tail up and down slightly to stay it in correct position









4. Check the position









5. Insert pins or sticks into holes and cut excess of it.
In picture, toothpicks are used.









6. Finish !







Additional information


#587 3D Tilapia, #662 3D Bleeding Female Gill


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