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Length: 90mm (4 pcs)
Length: 110mm (4 pcs)










The world’s first offset hook specification for vertical swimming posture that evolved the Javallon structure Gill type bait “Javallon Gill”

Imported directly from Japan, the Imakatsu Javallon Gill is one of the most realistic and natural looking bluegill imitations ever created. Featuring a segmented body that produces an alluring swimming action, as well as, an inter-core weight balancer system that is tuned for a slow sinking rate-of-fall. The inter-core weight can also be removed to achieve a floating presentation. The plastic itself has also been balanced, so that the Javallon Gill delivers a perfect posture when swimming, floating, or sitting on the bottom, which makes it a great option for a variety of applications.

How To

The best way to rig the Javallon Gill is sideways Texas rigged for a flawlessly weedless profile. The Javallon Gill also works well with a line-thru stinger hook rig and a drop shot rig. Make sure to watch the featured Product Video for full rigging instructions.



Hook setting method

Pass the hook through the mouth spring coil and pull out according to the length of the crank part.
Pierce the hook point at the lead home (red circle mark) in the hook slit in the flank and insert it in the back side direction.










Be sure to pull out the hook point from the lead hole when pulling out the needle tip on the back.
Set complete.










The high buoyancy resin inner core of Javagill can be detached from the hole of the forehead part.
By taking the core, it becomes a hollow structure and the body becomes easy to collapse.
It is a useful when you want to dramatically improve hooking performance with tough conditions. It is especially effective when used in Texas Rig or Swimming. However, at the time of bottom shot at down shot or other rig, complete vertical attitude can not be maintained when entering water.












Basically, when using Javagill for all rigs, insert nail polish into the abdomen and adjust the swim posture straight to use. Please insert 1/24 oz ~ 1/16 oz nail sinker as a basic position in the arrow position.
The most stable range and swim balance are obtained. A more lightweight nail sinker – sufficient posture balance will be kept, if the balance is disturbed, tilt it in a direction opposite to the direction of the fin, pierce 0.9 g of nail sinker and balance it.












After detaching the inner core, it can be used as a floating swimbait on the water surface by closing the opening with instantaneous adhesive. Because it will sink when water enters, to make sure that it floats, use a small amount of buoyant body such as foam sponge in the hollow interior and close the opening and use it.