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Javallon Neo

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Javallon Neo
Length: 97mm (6 pcs)
Length: 135mm (4 pcs)






One and only. Reborn from scratch – Javallon Neo


Javallon Neo Swimbait offers innovative features all the way down to the smallest detail. Featuring a segmented body with a unique molded lip, the Javallon Neo Swimbait produces a seductively natural swimming action with a subtle side-to-side body roll. The unique design of the Javallon Neo Swimbait also allows it move a tremendous amount of water and create lifelike vibrations as well.

The Javallon Neo Swimbait is best rigged weedless with an offset style hook, which allows it to come through any type of heavy cover with ease, but it also works great as a vibrating jig trailer as well. Built with a special blend of soft plastic that provides the suppleness necessary for maximum action and the durability necessary to withstand multiple strikes, African bass aren’t ready for the Imakatsu Javallon Neo Swimbait.



How To



The basic usage is slow retrieve with no sinker rig.

A unique block shaped body grips the water as a whole and softly swells

Anyone can easily produce a snappy swim.

Also, depending on the location and circumstances, Texas Rig · Down Shot Rig · Nail Jig · Jig Head Rig ·

Heavy Carolina rig etc, all-purpose soft joint bait corresponding to every rig.

The dead action at the bottom at the time of tough condition is also very effective.





Built-in coil
The Anti slip coil adopted by Javallon Neo is standard in the mouth(A).
(B) If set to the position because it comes with a spare coil, it is more durable and better needle retention
Soft delta lip helps the
Javallon Neo to a dead slow speed.
In this part you get a great water resistance,
Power is transmitted to the articulated joint,
Dead slow speed also causes the body to swell left and right.
The impossible is possible only with the Javallon Neo.
Horizontal setting for tail body.
By doing so, it promotes swing width and also swim attitude
It also fulfils the role of a stable plate that does not collapse.













Ideal for trailers of chatters
Designed with a thin part of the head so that it is suitable for a trailer of a chatter.
Please cut along the soft delta lip cutting guide (yellow line part) and use it.
Soft delta lip which also becomes a hook guard
The protrusion of the soft delta lip protects the hook point from the cover.
Even if you hit the cover, the lip softly helps.



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