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Brilliant Optics

Extra low dispersion glass and the latest anti-reflective lens coating technology gives brilliant image clarity and brightness. The scope is easy on the eye during prolonged periods of use due to its generous and forgiving eye relief and the long 155 mm main tube makes for easy mounting onto long-action rifles.

MRAD15 Reticle with illuminated circle-dot

MRAD15 reticleThe reticle has five hash marks, one MRAD apart, with magnification set to 15. The centre circle and dot illuminate green to provide for both quick and accurate aiming, depending on your situational requirement.

The ranging scale, calibrated to range 50cm high target from 200 metres to 1 200 metres in 100 metre increments and 33cm & 25cm high targets from 200 metres to 600 metres, is inset at the bottom of the sight picture.

0.1 Mil Click Tactical Controls

Low-profile tactical controls elevation control is fitted with an easy to engage zero stop function which permits full upward adjustment of the point of aim and returns precisely to your pre-determined zero position.

The scope adjustment controls are engraved with large, highly-visible numbers which make them easy to read in poor light. Each click moves the point of aim 0.1 MRAD and one full revolution of the control moves the point of aim 5 MRAD, which matches the length of the measured centre portion of the reticle.

Side Focus

The parallax focus wheel is mounted on the side of the scope with the reticle illuminator switch. Parallax is focusable from 35 metres to beyond infinity.


1 Low Power High Power
2 Magnification 2.58x 14.91x
3 Exit pupil diameter (mm) 11.6 3.4
4 Eye-relief (mm) 99 98
5 Actual FOV 8.22° 1.42°
6 Dioptre adjustment -2.5D to +2.5D
7 Objective diameter 50mm
8 Total Windage adjustment range
9 Total Elevation adjustment range
10 Tube diameter 30mm
11 Tube material Black hard anodized aluminium (HV300)
12 Water proof Positive internal pressure 300kPa. Submersible 1m for 60 minutes.
13 Recoil proof 1000G 1ms x 1000
14 Fog proof Dry nitrogen purged
15 Temperature operating range -20 to +71 ° C
16 Reticle Illuminated SA Hunter or Illuminated Tactical
17 Battery type CR2032
18 Switch type Mechanical saddle mounted. 10 brightness settings. Instant off/on.
19 Parallax Side focus
20 Eyepiece European-style fast focus
21 Antireflective lens coating Fully multi coated
22 Windage / Elevation control Capped. Pup-up type / Target/Tactical with zero stop on elevation
23 Windage click value 1/4 moa / 0.1 mil
24 Elevation click value 1/4 moa / 0.1 mil
25 Length 381mm
26 Weight 780g
27 Country of manufacture Japan


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