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Lynx LX3 4-25×50 MRAD is a 34mm maintube FFP MRAD scope fitted with an Adaptive Thickness™ reticle and 46-MRAD (158-MOA) elevation adjustment.

Unprecedented Elevation

46 mils (158 MOA) elevation adjustment allows for shooting from 100 metres to 1850 metres using standard .308 ammunition and a correctly tapered mount. Much further with better performing long-range calibers, here are some examples:

  • A 6.5 Creedmoor sending a 139gr jacketed hollow point at 2700 fps will reach out to 2150 metres.
  • A .300 Norma Magnum .245gr jacketed bullet going at 2960 fps at the muzzle will get to 2865 metres.
  • A .375 CheyTac 400gr solid leaving the barrel at 2975 fps will hit the gong at 3020 metres.


Oversized adjustment controls have a distinct audible and tactile ‘click’. Each click is 0.1 mil and one full turn of the elevation control moves your point of aim ten mils. Four and a half turns of the elevation control moves through the entire 46 mils adjustment range. The easy to engage zero stop returns the control to the same position every time.

Exquisitely accurate

RS760 zero stopThe windage and adjustment controls move the point of aim precisely 0.1 mil per click and return exactly back to the starting point. Setting the turret zero on the windage and elevation controls is quick and easy and requires no tools. You can now make last minute corrections at the shooting position even when prone. No hunkering over the scope. No ghost clicks.

Excellent Windage

16 mils (55 MOA). Each full turn of the control is 10 mil and with well aligned mounts the return to zero on windage will always be less than one full turn.

MRAD FFP Reticle

MIL ELR FFP XT 4-25x at various magnifications MIL ELR FFP XT 4-25x at various magnifications MIL ELR FFP XT 4-25x at various magnifications

The mil reticle, shown here at 5x, 15x and 25x, has Adaptive Thickness lines that get bolder as the magnification is increased, giving an appealing and functional sight picture from 4x up to 25x.

Visual magnification cues are spaced along the horizontal cross wires at 5x, 10x, 15x and 20x magnification. The slim Christmas tree pattern drops steeply at 32º from centre all the way to the bottom of the reticle, providing accurate aiming off points for spotting your own bullet impact or for quick follow-up shots without obstructing your view or distracting from the target.

0.035 mil centre dot makes sub-calibre shot placement a cinch when shooting at closer distances, even with.22s, as well as being small enough to show the careful and steady shooter minute shifts of aim which may be present due to factors such as breathing, heartbeat or an unsteady cheek-weld.

Precision aiming off points at 0.1 mil and 0.2 mil from centre for those precise last-minute corrections that are more intuition than aiming. The rest of the aiming-off points are spaced 0.2 mil apart which presents a clean sight picture with minimum distraction.

Brilliant Optics

Next Generation HD Glass and the latest lens coatings give a crisp and bright image. See bullet holes on targets or hits on gongs at incredible distances, atmospheric conditions permitting.

A neutral black neoprene scope protector and sunshade are included in the box.



Low power High power
Nominal Power 4 x 25 x
Actual Power 4.00 x 25.00 x
Effective Objective Diameter 28.5 mm 50.0 mm
Exit Pupil 7.1 mm 2.0 mm
Actual FOV 5.57 degrees 0.89 degrees
at 100 m 9.7 m 1.6 m
Apparent FOV 22 degrees 22 degrees
Eye Relief 77~91 mm 85~92 mm
Close Focus 20m
Diopter Range -3D to +3D
Resolution 5.7 “ 3.2 “
Focal Plane First
Body Tube Diameter 34mm
Reticle Type Glass
Parallax Adjustment Side focus
Illumination No
Click Value 0.1 MRAD
Elevation Adjustment Range (per Rotation) 46 MRAD 10 MRAD per turn
Windage Adjustment Range (per Rotation) 17 MRAD 10 MRAD per turn
Turret Types(Elevation) Exposed
Zero Stop Yes
Locking system No
Turret Types(Windage) Exposed
Zero Stop No
Locking system No
ED Glass Yes
Weight 970 g
Overall Length (0D) 336 mm
Operational Temperature -20℃~ 70℃
Water Proof 3m


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