Shooting Fundamentals – Shooting Stance & Grip

Shooting Fundamentals Shooting Stances & Grip: Isosceles vs Weaver vs Chapman Don’t laugh, but chances are if someone just gave you a gun, you would end up leaning back like this person. Shooting Leaning Stance               Having a proper shooting stance and grip gives you a strong foundation for all the other shooting fundamentals. But don’t worry, we’ll go over the most popular shooting stances, from Isosceles to Weaver to Chapman (aka modified Weaver), then cover how to have a proper handgun grip that gives [...]


Fall Bass Fishing: How To Catch Bass On Spoons

Spoon fishing is easy! Its one of the oldest fishing techniques but most anglers don’t have any idea how to fish spoons for bass. The trick to getting bit on a spoon is in the details. From line material to colors, to drop speed, the subtle changes are the difference between catching and wasting time.   As the cool nights set in, the jigging spoon bite is the best it will be all year. Don’t be afraid to head out to [...]